Turn off house devices

It is important to check whether turned off house appliances. It sometimes happens that a man returns home again, that would check the status of devices. And this is good. But what if you're away from home? This application will help you. Disconnect house devices and save data in the application. Now you can always download the latest data on the excluded devices.

- list of basic devices;
- function to save;
- function of upload the stored data.

Privacy Policy

We do not collect and even more do not disclose your personal information.

Access to the list of accounts is needed only for the contact list filtering capabilities across accounts.

Access camera sensor and microphone data is used for the purpose of taking photos and recording videos.

Access phone state permission is used for the purpose of stoping video for phone call and replaying.

To provide the some functionality, we need to have access to phone conctacts.

Application don't collect any user information.